Sunday, December 4, 2011

Swimming. Faster.

In my first Ironman I swam a 1:06. I figured this was somewhat decent considering that my training leading involved three swims per week including masters on Monday and Wednesday, and a straight non-stop longer swim on Thursdays. I did not have a coach. I did not really know how to swim train. So I approached it like running. And it seemed to work.

Fast forward several years later to my first year racing pro. I now had a swim coach, I was swimming way more meters, I focused on technique. I had swum several more 1:06 Ironman swim times. And I was certain I would swim closer to an hour. I swam 1:06. Again. To tell you I was frustrated is an extreme under-statement. HOURS of hard work on my swim ended up resulting in right where I had started several years previously.

If at first you do not succeed. Try, try again!

This year I've slowly moved my Ironman swim times below 59 and even 58. It has been a lot of work. I've been asked what I did different. To answer this I'd have to say nothing & everything.

Nothing in that I continued working hard, swimming masters, swimming a lot, and mostly not giving up or getting down on my swimming (or lack there-of) ability.

Everything in that I started working a lot on strength. I started swimming IM. All the strokes - I basically learned how to swim butterfly. I started using a Vasa trainer. I got a lot of help on my technique. Weekly. If you live in Southern CA and need swim technique instruction email me and I'll refer you to my swim instructor. She is good.

And if you think you will never be a good swimmer, cyclist, runner - or anything else, don't give up!! There is nothing that hard work can't fix...