Friday, December 2, 2011

December in California

December is one of my favorite months in California. The mornings are cold, which allows me to pretend I still live somewhere where it gets "legitimately cold." The air is dry and if I walk outside in the middle of the day, the sun warms me to that perfect temperature - not too hot, not too chilly.

The oranges leave their green color behind for actual orange.

The beaches are bit more empty.

And the sky is just a bit more blue.

There are one-leg bike races.

I love the great outdoors.


Christi said...

One-legged bike races sound like a lot of fun!

Steve said...

Orange trees??!!! awesome. I think oranges are my favorite fruit. I eat them every day in the winter. Just bought 4lb. bags yesterday for $1.99. :) Yay!! :) I always eat them with salt. I never salt my food, except for fruits. :)

SSB said...

Same thing in Hawaii. The mornings are cold and it's nice to just bury myself under blankets. Probably not as cold as you guys.. but it's 'wear fleece when walking to the pool in the morning' weather. You know.. 68 degrees.

Lisa said...

I do love where I live (NorthEast), however your posts make me pause....why is it I live in this (now) cold climate????

Running Bums said...

Haha I love pretending it's really "winter" in the morning. You know drink coffee in my bathrobe and then get overdramatic about how cold it is as I run out the door. Then I go to the beach in the afternoon!