Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Simple Safety

After I've seen a few of my friends crash bikes and end up in bad shape, I've realized the importance that simple preparation can play in an active lifestyle.

Nathan VITAband is my solution.

The bracelet is waterproof and carries all my medical and contact information. I just registered my info online and in two weeks I will receive a printed ID chip for display where it currently says "DEBIT".

I have multiple contacts registered, my health insurance carrier, my blood type, allergies, etc. It also has cash loaded on it - so when I stop at convenience stores, I really don't need to have my ziplock bag wallet with me all the time. And if I use up the money I have loaded on it, all I have to do is log on and add a bit more. Simple.

The VITAbands come in multiple colors and sizes - check them out here. I'm thinking of getting a few for stocking stuffers this Christmas...