Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I get asked a lot how I balance working two jobs (racing pro full time and selling microscopes) as well as fitting in friends, family, life, etc.

To tell you I have it figured out, or that it is easy would be a huge lie. But there are a couple of things I try to remember when cramming everything in....
  • Friends & family are #1 (this usually means my house is not clean.)
  • Let things go. Sometimes the to-do list must wait. A long time.
  • I try not to miss out on life experiences. Make them work.
  • Time management. Learn this. 
  • I am not wonder woman. There are days I can not do it all. And I need to ask for help.
  • I love what I am doing & also clearly understand my big picture goals. If I didn't, when it got tough, I'm certain I would stop.
  • I make lists. Lots of lists.
  • I chose to do everything I am doing. Nobody is forcing me to race pro.
Thank you Polkka Jam for the awesome balancing coffee cups illustration!

A lot of working moms, dads and busy people sign up for Ironman every year. What are your tips for balancing professional and personal life along with training?


Beth said...

I'm with you on the lists! I need to get better at following your first point!!

Steve said...

Ummm excuse me, I think you are Wonder woman. I have no idea how you do all you do. I am horrible at making lists, and probably even worse finishing lists.

I don't train nearly as much as you crazy kids, but I do my best'ish. :)

I fall asleep early, and wake up early, so that helps me. If I didn't go to sleep early I doubt I'd do anything productive anyway, so that helps me I think.

Like I said though, my life is a heck uv a lot easier than yours.

Have fun like you always do. :)

Kim Williams said...

Balance: The place I see often as I swing by on my way to one extreme or another.


Running Bums said...

Having a "dirty house" always help! So many more important things in the grand scheme :)

James Adams said...

Not watching TV! Love the post

jameson said...

spot on post charisa.

proper preparation goes along way with achieving balance in my opinion. anything that saves time & stress.


I have a great self help DVD by Brian Tracy... he says make a list and do the important and urgent things first.. Important and not so urgent things next... dont go to the second list until everything on the first is done...

So training unfortunately is on the second list for me... but I will try to make a little more room for it if I am to get my IMNYC golden Kona ticket... we will see

Matt said...

Luv the post!

Balancing priorities is s key to success is all aspects of life

Fat and Slow said...

Cleaning is always my #1 priority. :)

Kiet said...

Spot on times two, for some reason James always beat me to what I'm going to say.

Damie said...

Good post! This has been on my mind a lot lately!