Sunday, April 17, 2011

PossAbilities Triathlon Race Report

I raced the PossAbilities sprint triathlon this morning. This race is a great community event. The number of challenged athletes that compete is awesome. The race is kid friendly (format is backwards and you swim in a pool at the end - & there are even kid distances).

I figured the race would be a great chance to test my speed. Oh and I wanted to win. Last year I got 2nd, so I figured stepping up to a win would be nice.

The race starts with a 5k run and the challenged athletes are up front. My friend Karl and I before the start (he's the tall orange Zoot guy).

Julie Ertel passed me about 1/2 mile into the run. I tried to go with her. And instead ended up with a side-stitch and feeling like I was going backwards for the next two miles. 

On to the bike and Steven told me I was 1:30 down on first place. That seemed like A LOT of time to make up in only 12 miles, but you never know unless you try. So I put my head down and rode at my most uncomfortable level. Next time check was 1:05. Then :55. Could I pull enough time back?! At least it was motivating. By the time I hopped in the pool I had cut the gap to :25.

The swim is a zig-zag pattern back and forth across the pool - something like six times. My arm (the one that is pointed in a random direction - of course) is by the end of the pool. Julie is in the closer lane. She actually put an additional :20 on me in the super short swim. Steven told me later she was flip turning while I was of course gasping for breath. And not flip-turning.

I finished 2nd, 3 minutes faster than last year. 
I was honored to chase an Olympian.

These are all the challenged athletes who competed.
So VERY inspiring.

The kids race: "Go over there, the pool is over there!"

Check out his body marking & timing chip.

Lifeguards line the kiddy pool to help the non-swimmers across.

My friend Wilma - both her kids competed.

Huge thanks to my sponsors who allow me to race so frequently!
Next up is Wildflower.