Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I most often hear the word respect in this context: "I have lost all respect for..." This post is about the flip side. I have been involved in triathlon for a number of years and over this time I have realized there are many very good people in this sport.

I have huge respect for:

  • The professional athletes I toe the line with in any given race. Not only are these girls smart, but they work harder than anyone I know, often on very little income, in order to reach their goals.
  • Happy people & the ability to laugh not only at triathlon, but at the hard work that goes along with chasing dreams. The training we put in is not easy. But the ability to step back and realize sport is not the end-all is sometimes difficult. I really respect those that can remain focused, but also not take themselves too seriously.
  • Our military. I've had a chance to get to know a helicopter pilot stationed in Afghanistan this year. I occasionally email him workouts. He is training for his first half ironman, and then plans to race a full. If you EVER think training in your safe little community is hard - try doing the same training in Afghanistan. Respect.
  • Fighters. Adversity is part of life, but how you choose to handle that adversity is really what is important. There are a number of people I have seen pushed down by cancer and other health problems, who continue to get back up and fight. Day after day. I'm not saying it's never ok to have a small (or large!) pity party for yourself - but once you have, don't forget to get back up and fight.
  • Patience. This is probably one of the hardest things to learn in triathlon. Type-A people tend to want results. NOW. I really respect those who are not afraid to put in the work and are patient when they do not see instant PRs.

Thanks to Tad Carpenter for this awesome illustration.

A toast to all those I not only respect, but to those who inspire me to become a better person.