Friday, February 11, 2011

5000 Meters

The last time I ran a 5k was probably 3+ years ago when I ran cross country. The only thing I remember about it is that I loved racing with my teammates and mid-race I was ALWAYS thinking how painful the distance was and that I never wanted to do another short race. Only to finish, high five all my speedy friends who run much faster than I do, and sign up for another short and fast race.

On Sunday I'm giving the 5k another go. Jeffrey (for those of you who have forgotten my good friend Jeffrey - he is the one who competed against Steven last year in the Boise Boys Showdown. In bright pink.) has offered to pace me to a PR. My PR is somewhere in the 18:40ish range, but was in a triathlon, so I am pretty sure it does not count.

Jeffrey is sure we can go sub-18. On an uphill finish course. I was questioning sub-19 until he started going on and on about sub-18 and I decided why not, 17:xx sounds nice. So sub-18 or bust it is.

I am hoping Jeffrey shows up in a spectacular outfit so we can get a picture I will laugh at for the entire year. Something that shows his ability to simply jog next to me at sub-6 pace for 5000 meters, while I am losing a lung, my heart is threatening failure and my legs have turned to jello. In other words - something that depicts my feeling of near-death while Jeffrey works on moving my pain threshold barrier just a bit further outside its current zone, all while trying to make me laugh. Because in the end, we will be running 5000 meters at my max speed for fun.