Sunday, June 13, 2010

Boys Boise Race Report

The boys did a great job in tough conditions. It was WINDY and a bit hot. Out on the bike I was worried they were going to have rough bikes. They did awesome, this is how it went down.

Steven exited first in 37 minutes. A few leg cramps, nothing crazy.
Jeffrey drank a lot of water during the swim, burped a lot and his quote - "I went really slow." Everything he learned on YouTube about swim technique went out the window in the first few minutes. He came out in 45 minutes.

Nothing noteworthy. Jeffrey says he could not have moved any faster or massive leg cramps would have resulted.

Steven had a fairly uneventful bike except for when a lady cut in front of him at an aid station and he had to stop fast and unclip on an uphill. It took a bit of time to clip back in and get up the hill.
Jeffrey dominated the women 50+ age group and it should be noted, he passed several men with disk wheels.

See Steven's time. Two words: Zoot shoes.
Jeffrey's quads cramped when he put his shoes on in T2. At mile 5 of the run he realized he had left his bike gloves on. I am bummed I have no pictures of this!

Steven was happy to be running the whole time. He had to take two bathroom breaks and on the second stop while in the outhouse, Jeffrey passed him.
Jeffrey was able to hold off quad cramping, and a charging Steven to cross the line first.

I'm sure there will be a re-match. Less than five minutes separated the boys at the finish. The next competition may be an Olympic distance triathlon. I'll post my race report in the next post.