Thursday, January 6, 2011


Training is clipping along and I'm getting back into the swing of things. Progress. Since I don't have pictures of my training progress, I figured I would share some pictures of my bathroom rehab progress. (Rehab post #1 and #2 in case you want to see previous pics.)

Step #1 was to lay out the entire floor to make sure my pattern lined up.

Next was thin set - basically gluing the tiles to the floor. I quickly learned thin set should be laid very thinly.  HA - imagine that! Otherwise it glops up between the penny tiles and is a mess.

I had to lay my colored border and design by hand.

After 24 hrs of drying - it was time to grout.

This was my favorite part - very messy, but fun.

After smearing the grout all over you have to sponge the extra off the top of the tiles and rinse the sponge 10 million times. My hands were sore.

Once it dried I wiped the tiles clean.

Then it's time to cut my beadboard and chair rail. A HUGE thanks to Nick and Karla for helping with this portion!

Half done. We still need to cut beadboard to fit around the sink. Caulking, final paint, replacing toilet, sealing tiles, etc. New bathroom will be done soon. I'm pretty proud of how the floor turned out - for a girl who rides her bike a lot and sells microscopes, I'd say it's not half bad!