Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Get Strong

I haven't done much weight lifting since my days of gymnastics training. Dirkinator prescribed weights this season because (read in German accent) Ve must get you strong!

I was fairly certain Dirk thinks I am WAY stronger than I actually am when he threw all this weight onto the leg press.

The expert shows me how it's done. Apparently I was cheating and not bending my legs enough...

Step 1.

Step 2.

We moved on to some swim specific sets...

This was my favorite. It was also funny because Dirk put the weight on and said "ok go" and nothing happened because my toothpick arms are weak - which probably also explains why I am not yet a super speedy swimmer.

Once again Dirk says "Ok - go ahead, lift" and I start laughing because I am trying to lift. Not until he took off the weight you see laying on the floor in front of the machine could I actually use my calves to lift the bar. His remark, "Hmmm, give it a few weeks." So twice a week you will now find me in the gym, improving my swim among other things.