Friday, January 7, 2011

In This Moment

In triathlon (and especially Ironman) training I often hear: Well, I'd like to do that, but I have to do a long run (ride, swim, etc.) first. I think one of the things that makes athletes so unique is our ability to prioritize and Get the Work Done. But I also think sometimes along the way of fitting in work, training, etc. it is easy to forget that nobody is forcing us to train. Quite the contrary - we are lucky enough to be able to get up each day and make a choice to spend an hour running or riding.

This doesn't mean there are times when the training schedule calls for something that in no way sounds appealing to the legs, a busy schedule, or waning motivation. 

Thanks to Graphic Exchange for this print.

I have been working on trying to make even ordinary or mundane things count and live in the moment. I'll admit - in a painful workout I am quick to think "Oh, I can't wait until twenty minutes from now when this [run/bike/swim/etc.] is over." I started taking a different approach. Instead of just wishing my workout over, I tried to embrace it. For example, in those hard intervals when I want to quit, I try to pinpoint how I feel - and really, what is making it so awful that I want to quit? When I step back and analyze things, often I am left with "Well, my legs are burning, but I am not injuring them. I am still breathing and not dead. And my turnover seems good." It definitely takes practice - but the more I try, the more I'm able to embrace really hard workouts and even look forward to them. Or at least laugh at them once I'm done.

Happy Weekend Training!