Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Very Special Race

I raced my first marathon in Chicago when I was 19. My grandparents (in their early 80s at the time) made the trip over from Michigan, lawn chairs in tow, to watch my Dad and I race. They planted themselves on the busiest Chicago corner and took in the entire race, cheering as I ran past.

Last year my Grandma turned 95 and we had a great party. On Sunday when I race Ironman my Grandma is coming to spectate. At age 96!

My cousins are also coming, as well my "other Mom". In college I lost my best friend and roommate. Her Mom became my "other Mom" and has since run some half marathons herself. I feel pretty darn lucky to have such awesome friends and family cheering me on as I go the crazy distance of Ironman once again. I'm pretty sure that my finisher medal is going home with my other Mom, just like that first Chicago marathon medal did.