Friday, September 10, 2010

Midwest Fun

We arrived in Chicago yesterday and drove right past the town I grew up in on the way to Madison. So naturally we stopped at the deli I went to as a kid for the World's BEST grilled cheese.

I'm on the phone here helping Microscope World in my absence.

This picture is from our visit a year ago. These brothers own Zingleman's and have worked here since they opened the deli when I was in middle school. We reminisced - "remember that 4th of July when..." Seeing the kids come in after school like I used to and I officially feel old!

Still helping while eating amazing grilled cheese (the egg bread is key!)

I closed my eyes when we hit Wisconsin.

I love the midwest - so so so beautiful. Something about the perfect rows of corn and the green fields with silos perched overlooking them.