Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pre Ironman Wisconsin

It always seems pre race there is never quite enough time to catch up with all the friends I see a few times each year at races.

Cathy and I met up for a short swim.

We made sure it was short so post-swim we had plenty of time to talktalktalk and grab breakfast. The last time I got to hang out with CY was with needles in our arms at Buffalo Springs a year ago.

Yesterday I had a bit of excitement after re-building my bike when I discovered my rear derailer hanger was more than a little bent. Thankfully Crono Metro fixed everything and I will be using all my gears during the race!

I am #49. Steven will be hijacking my twitter account and if you want live updates and random photos from his viewpoint you can find them here. The weather looks great, the bike course looks like a roller coaster and I'm excited to jump into Lake Monona and try to take down my swim PR!