Monday, September 14, 2009


My Grandma is just downright cool. Seriously - look at her - I don't even have sunglasses this awesome!

The weekend FLEW by. I had a blast. I love going back where I grew up. Add family and friends that I do not get to see often and I really couldn't ask for anything else.

It will probably take all week to post all my fun adventures. And in the process I think I may have learned a little something from my Grandma - a little bit of why I am the way I am . . .

Driving home from the birthday party Grandma told me she wanted to do the Mackinac Island bridge walk next Labor Day. They shut down the bridge and everyone walks the 5 miles across. She was not joking - she told me she wanted to start training (her exact words) for it and she was sure she could do it. I have no doubt she can!

My Grandma is 95 and she drives her 70-year-old friends around because they are falling apart and can not drive anymore. I was bummed I had to fly home last night because tonight she invited me to go to her Garden Club meeting. It's the annual tomato festival. Everyone brings tomatoes they have grown and it's a big tasting / contest to see who has the best this year!