Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Swim Week #2 Recap

Swim week #2 came and went, much of it taking place in the rain. This morning at masters my fly seemed to be falling into place a little better. Not sure if all the meters are working, or if I was just imagining myself beating Maggs (and Lisa??) in our upcoming race. Most likely it was the latter.
  • This time around we experimented with double back-to-back swims, rather than swim, shower, go to work, go back to pool, swim again . . . I decided there are benefits to both.
  • On IM days it was nice to do an IM set, then follow it up with a free set.
  • On free days it was not so nice to do a free set followed by another free set.
  • The most I swam in one day was 8,000 meters. That seemed like a LOT to me. Again, I never swam when I was young, so those of you that swam in high school or college - is this a lot? I'm guessing for swimmers it is not.
  • Total for the week was 30,200 meters.
  • My arms were sore during the 1/2 marathon. But we all know you don't run with your arms. . .so in unison - everyone pull out their violins for me.
  • Finally - a big thanks to my favorite fish Teresa for giving me pointers on swimming fly. I'm going to make you proud in a few months (or give you something to laugh at - not sure which yet).