Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thank You!

When I get busy, I tend to get scattered. In the brain. Tomorrow Steven and I fly to Chicago/Michigan for my Grandma's 95th birthday. It wasn't until I came to work today and a co-worker asked what I had gotten Grandma for her birthday that I realized I have no gift for her! Any ideas?!! She gardens, she cooks, she lives on her own, she rocks!

Ironman training tends to fill up my spare time. I love it, and at the same time I tend to lean on a lot of people to pull me through. And this is where the THANK YOUs come in. In no particular order . . .MOM - for making sure Steven and I don't eat cereal every night for dinner. Every time I think I would rather sleep than cook, my Mom shows up with a childhood favorite home-cooked meal.

STEVEN - an amazing best friend, husband, and supporter extraordinaire, who makes me smile and love my life even more.

COACH - for believing in me, pushing me beyond what I thought was possible, and pulling me back when I need a break. Oh, and for making me laugh A LOT!

TRAINING FRIENDS - there are too many to list, but the hours I've spent in sweaty spandex with my friends is time I will never, ever regret, no matter how race day evolves.

PB - for believing in my ability to run like the wind and race with the fast girls.

BLOG FRIENDS - some of you I've never met, others I have. It's awesome how technology can bring together like-minded people who can laugh together and support each other.