Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Happy Christmas

Christmas was great this year. My grandma came all the way from MI, along with my aunt from Canada. And Grandma came stocked with homemade cookies. Ginger snaps, peanut butter kiss cookies, mint chocolate crackles, I am in heaven!  She's staying all week and promised to bake more with me so I can share them with the boys on my long ride next weekend.

Apparently my Mom loves rock band. This is my cousin and I rockin out on Christmas Eve, while Steven teaches my mom to play drums. She was actually pretty good!

Grandma thought she might be interested in playing as well, but wanted to try out the fit of the guitar first. Did I mention she is 94? Oh yeah, I hope I got those genes!!

All the excitement of presents, watching A Christmas Story, rock band and the sugar rush of Grandma's homemade cookies did in Tiptoe and Steven.