Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Firsts

2008 was a year full of firsts for me. I'll share a few of them:
  • Cabo - swimming in jellyfish, climbing onto a rock to escape said jellyfish, while several people twice my age came back to rescue Brian and I, while explaining "You're going nowhere on the rock" and "the jellyfish aren't that bad". (In my defense they were awful!)
  • Yoga - I now know 1 yoga word and its corresponding pose. Otherwise I am lost.
  • Bike - topping 300 miles / week and not being 100% destroyed by this.
  • Health - got a little injured, got better, I am grateful. Big thanks to Dan the Man (shown below in his usual dapper attire) for all his ART work!
  • Alcatraz Swim - I am strong enough to make it to shore without getting swept out to sea.
  • Heart Rate - I have one, and willing and wishing it higher during a workout does not work, trust me, I have tried.
  • Music - Coachella rocks, especially Sia.
  • New trails - pure running bliss. Oh, and I'm still very allergic to poison oak.
  • Bike Commuting - it's fun and doable.
  • Listening - the training plan does not work if I can't listen to my body and determine if it's capable of going hard on that specific day.
  • Friends - they mean the world to me and made 2008 so superbly wonderful. Thank you!!