Thursday, January 1, 2009

Not Always Planned

My lunchtime bike workout yesterday started out beautiful. The sun had started to warm the chilly air and was soaking into my black arm warmers and doing its job of warming me up. 8 hill repeats were on the agenda. 

The first was blah, but it always is - something about shocking that heart into beating faster, getting the legs fired up, etc. The first set of anything I ever do never feels great. On the 2nd repeat I started to think the workout was going to be tough when I still couldn't get my heart rate up - AT ALL. Maybe I needed calories? I ate some shot bloks. Part way into the 3rd set the desire to lay down on the curb and go to sleep or either die was all consuming and I knew it was time to turn around and go back to work. 
Back at work the throat started to feel sore, the muscles achy. Dangit - bad timing, and how to make it til midnight on New Year's Eve when I wanted nothing more than to curl up in a ball and sleep for a week to ward off this evil bug I'm fighting?!

I made it home and flopped on the couch for an hour before all our friends started showing up for our New Year's get together. Advil kicked in and I felt better, until about 11 when I faded quickly and fell asleep by the fire. A series of pictures ensued where Steven was trying to put a cat toy in my mouth (sorry, they were all taken on friends cameras and I don't possess them yet . . .) I did wake up for New Years in time to enjoy some fireworks!

Today was going to be a full day of getting things done - finishing a painting project, training, saving the world, etc. It's turned into more of a day sitting on my arse doing nothing. But that's probably what my body needs, so I'm going to let the other stuff wait. In fact, I'm getting sleepy again, so I might just have to go take another nap. Happy New Year everyone!!