Monday, February 16, 2009

500+ and TJ

Last week I topped 500 total lifetime bike commute miles. This is significant to me. Mostly because one of my original intrepidations involved the short distance of my bike commute. It seemed hard to make much of a difference by logging just under ten miles a day (when I swim). If I don't swim it's closer to five. So if I pretend gas is $2/gallon, which of course is not true in San Diego. But two is an easy multiple - that is $1,000 gas money saved already! Big bucks toward lattes, or a new bike!

[CORRECTION - apparently I need that Peet's coffee to open sooner rather than later] Thanks to Jeffrey - I now realize I have only saved $50 if my car gets 20mpg. I will keep bike commuting and have a more exciting blog post someday when I do save $1000!

I seemed to have solved most of my issues schlepping "stuff" too and from work. I asked this guy for some help and he showed me how to properly stack everything on my bike. I am so aerodynamic now it's amazing! You should also see the speed which I fly down the hill by the pool!

Carlsbad's very own Trader Joe's opened today! The only thing more exciting than this will be when Peet's coffee next door to TJ's opens in a few weeks!