Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One fish, two fish, red fish . . . uh oh

I like our backyard because it is full of nature. We have a tiny pond with a mini waterfall and lots of neat plants that Steven keeps alive (mostly by keeping me away from them).

We have a small green frog named Henry who lives in our garden hose. When we bought the house it also came with nine orange fish in the pond.

We have a beautiful egret that enjoys visiting our backyard as well. Here is an image of our egret courtesy of Jamie Scott Lytle visiting the Batiquitos Lagoon near our house.

Last week I realized the egret does not just visit our yard so I can enjoy nature - he visits our yard for lunch! Not exactly the "set up a red-and-white-checkered picnic cloth and have a leisurely lunch" type of deal though. He comes for my fish!

I came home last week to find him chomping down on orange fish #2! He flew off to the lagoon as soon as he saw me, with his long, lean wings barely moving as he used wind currents to glide away.

I tried to run out and save orange fish #2, but I was a little too late. Since last summer we have lost eight fish to the beautiful egret!

Rest in peace little orange fishy!


Natalie said...

Oh! Poor fish!

I'm jealous of all your greenery! We're just uncovering from the snow and I'm itching for spring! Watching nature wake up from it's hibernation is my favorite time of the year though. It's fresh and new. As much as I lament the freezing cold of Minnesota, I also don't know if I could ever trade it.

Beth said...

Oh poor orange fishy!!! That's one big bad egret! But I do think egret are the most beautiful of birds... Your back yard is so beautiful - I would be tempted to never leave... :)

ADC said...

Poor fishy. Not looking so orange anymore :-( I didn't realise you have this beautiful garden. Lovely.

Maggs said...

Bummer. Can you do anything to protect the fish from the bird? Or will nature just take it's course? poor fish.

Evan said...

Damn egrets!

At least you neighbor wasnt over at your place with a fly rod.

If I had fish that is what would happen.

Damn Alaskans!

IAN said...

You have a warped sense of a "good time" :)

RIP Orange Fish

D said...

Look at Maggs and her "poor fish" comment. This chick runs over cats! Ok, maybe it was just one cat. But I think a chicken too. Pretty sure she's run over other animals too. I really am going nowhere with this. lol

Poor fishies. Save the fishies!

Ordinarylife said...

Poor fish, but nice that you have such a beautiful gardent that you get "wild life" in it. Even if they only come to for the food.

I am surprised your cat did not eat the fish?