Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One fish, two fish, red fish . . . uh oh

I like our backyard because it is full of nature. We have a tiny pond with a mini waterfall and lots of neat plants that Steven keeps alive (mostly by keeping me away from them).

We have a small green frog named Henry who lives in our garden hose. When we bought the house it also came with nine orange fish in the pond.

We have a beautiful egret that enjoys visiting our backyard as well. Here is an image of our egret courtesy of Jamie Scott Lytle visiting the Batiquitos Lagoon near our house.

Last week I realized the egret does not just visit our yard so I can enjoy nature - he visits our yard for lunch! Not exactly the "set up a red-and-white-checkered picnic cloth and have a leisurely lunch" type of deal though. He comes for my fish!

I came home last week to find him chomping down on orange fish #2! He flew off to the lagoon as soon as he saw me, with his long, lean wings barely moving as he used wind currents to glide away.

I tried to run out and save orange fish #2, but I was a little too late. Since last summer we have lost eight fish to the beautiful egret!

Rest in peace little orange fishy!