Saturday, February 14, 2009

Crazy Cat and Rain Fenders

I think most people with kids probably don't do "stupid-cat-tricks". We find them extremely entertaining. For example, I've taught Tiptoe to eat treats off my head. Seriously - who wouldn't want a cat that does this?!

She also helps make the bed. Well, help in the sense that when you try to put the sheets on she tries to leap through the air to tackle them. I assume she is trying to help.

Today's ride was beautiful. Last night's rain =  wet roads = wet + muddy riders. But I can't complain because the sky was blue with puffy white clouds. The ocean was sparkly and everything had that "clean" look from the rain. The poor tri bike looks just like this again.

The Mikes showed up with rain fenders on their bikes. We made fun of them until we realized they weren't getting mud all over their backsides. My only complaint of the rain fender is that it provides no benefit to the drafting rider.