Thursday, January 22, 2009


Thanks to the Mayor for explaining that stamp from the Netherlands. I had never heard of a Bakfiets before. Que a bit more research. Turns out they are popular in Europe, particularly with the Dutch. I couldn't find a true definition (Wiki failed me!), but the Charisa definition of a Bakfiets would be a "cargo-carrying bicycle".

I think this one would carry at least three small children.
And inclement weather?
No problem - they make covers for these!
This one appears to be a huge recycling bin on the front of a bicycle. But ohhhhh, the possibilities of what you could carry are endless! Grocery shopping? Done! Your friend whose legs fell off on the long ride? No problem, just scoop him up and whisk him home!
And to think, I have been fixated on a fixed gear commuter bike.
Perhaps I should branch out?!

This clip just made my day!

Should you be in the market for your own personal Bakfiets, I recommend this site.