Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Quitting, Stopping, Throwing in the Towel

I find it hard to do. I do not like to quit. I somehow equate it to giving up. However, sometimes quitting is the smartest thing to do.

My coach has a rule on my hard bike sets: if I reach a point where I can't keep my heart rate up anymore, it's time to go home.

I had five sets today. On the fourth one the heart rate was waning. It was not terrible, but it was not heading upward in the direction I wanted it to. The legs were screaming and did not have the ability to drive the heart rate up anymore.

After an internal battle of "You're done!" and "Don't QUIT with only one set left!" I turned around and rode back to work. And felt like crying.

I think I made the right decision, but I think my head is getting in the way of smart training. Quality over quantity. And who knows, maybe this is the way to keep from getting injured!?