Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Midwest

I grew up outside Chicago. The weather is brutal in the winter by California standards, but I still love to go back home, no matter what time of year. A few of the things I really love...

pizza | wind whipping off the lake | grandma's cookies | crunching leaves (or snow) under my feet when i run | thunderstorms | the river | the smell of popcorn when you get off the plane | grandma's cookies | hot cider | Janie's amazing home cooked meals | driving past the house my parents built | listening to my grandma tell stories about her & my grandpa | running around the very small michigan town my grandma lives in | enjoying the view of grandma's garden | taking the train everywhere | forgetting my grandma is 100

wind off the lake
the river

grandma's cookies

forgetting grandma is 100