Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Childhood Friends

There are some friends that you have known forever and although you may not see them often, they are never more than a text away to make you laugh or back you up when any self-doubt arises. This type of friend will also offer at any point in time to kick so-and-so's ass for you (co-worker, boyfriend, anyone you may not agree with, etc.).

I love Kirsten because we laugh (A LOT) anytime we are together.

We recently met for dinner while she was on her whirlwind San Diego Tour of taking her family to (insert any/every San Diego destination here). We discovered we are both incredibly photogenic. And her daughter should definitely be a photographer when she grows up.

iPhone flash fail.

And again.

I think we were moving too much from laughing.

Annnnnnd, nope, still no luck.

The last photo is my favorite. Kirsten is poking me in the back saying "StopIT! Stop making me laugh!" Thanks for all the laughs - let's do it again soon.