Monday, April 21, 2014

Coast Ride

Pictures usually speak to me more than words - I will fill in a few "wordsy" details, but the short story is that 5 friends and I rode our bikes 390 miles from San Francisco to Santa Barbara.

San Francisco
Train I frequently fell off.
Spectacular Views
Lighthouse & Frenchie
My personal draft back up to the cycling train.
Falling Rocks tunnel

Morro Bay
Lots of Seals
Old Bridge - Big Sur

One amazing stretch of road near San Luis Obispo
Cycling heaven.
Santa Barbara - no more cycling please!
Some day when I am very old and ride my bike much slower I will remember this trip for: The laughing. The sign language I learned for hunting. The day I fell off the train and barely had time to think about crying or having a pity party before my own personal car showed up a-la-Tour-de-France style to pace me back to the pack. Learning that in France when you learn English you are taught about "What is Brian doing?" But mostly I will remember that life will always be great if you have good (adventuresome) friends to share it with, and for that I am grateful. 

Next adventure is a sprint tri I will be racing this Sunday...