Friday, April 11, 2014


Give me an open road, free time and a bicycle and I'm fairly certain I could be happy for days. As long as I have food. And maybe coffee. Yes, definitely coffee.

Over the years one of the greatest things I have enjoyed has been riding my bicycle in amazingly beautiful locations. Australia, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Germany, etc. In awesome weather, horrific weather (hail while riding sucks), freezing cold, sweating hot, but filled with breath-taking scenery that flies by while pedaling (at times faster than others).

Till Hafenbrak
Open roads! Illustration by Till Hafenbrak
I have a one-way ticket to San Francisco next week. My bicycle, five friends and I will ride our bikes down the coast to Santa Barbara. I did this ride a year ago. I'm fairly certain five-year-olds waiting for Christmas aren't as excited as I am. One of my roommates is currently panic training for this adventure. The other is gallivanting around France. I will be sure to capture lots of photos....