Friday, April 4, 2014

CA70.3 Race Day Nutrition

My race day nutrition has evolved over the years, but mostly I have found what works for me. This is everything I ate on race day at California 70.3.

  • Breakfast (about 2.5ish hours before I started) - banana and bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar. 16 oz of Powerbar Perform.

  • Powerbar Perform - I drank 2 full Aero HC bottles (see photo below), which is about 56oz.
  • 6 PowerGels - the Powerbar bottle on my bike is filled with water and 5 Pomegranate/Blueberry PowerGels (no caffeine). I have one Espresso PowerGel taped to my top tube that I take at mile 45ish. I'm extremely sensitive to caffeine - it works awesome, but if I take too much and take it too early in a race, it will have a negative affect on me.

  • I always leave transition with 4 PowerGels (2 Green Apple, which are 1x caffeine, and 2 Espresso, which are 2x caffeine). At Oceanside I used 3 of them.
  • Water at aid stations until at least mid-way, then if I need it, Coke. (I took Coke 2x at Oceanside).
  • I also always end up dumping at least a minimum of 1 cup of Perform on my head at an aid station by accident. It probably doesn't aid my performance much, but it might make me run faster to the next aid station for some water to wash it off.


Runner Leana said...

This is awesome Charisa! I've had issues with my previous nutrition so I need to try something new out this year for IM Boulder. I'm always curious to see what other folks do, but it seems like it comes down to keeping it as simple as possible!

Matt said...

love it, simple and effective. Congrats on the great day

Allan Marsh said...

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