Saturday, July 27, 2013

Switzerland and Chasing Kona

For those of you who might not understand the Kona World Championship qualification process for female pro triathetes - basically we must be ranked in the top 35 to get invited to race in Hawaii. Races have different point values and up to five Ironman races count toward your total. It is somewhat of a nightmare for planning a race season and I believe forces the women to race more Ironman races than many wish to. The first cut is July 28, when 28 girls are chosen. Then there is a massive scramble for the final 7 slots chosen Aug 31. I do not want to be a part of this scramble. After IM Frankfurt I was ranked 32nd.

I was supposed to fly home last week. Instead I changed my ticket and I am racing Ironman Switzerland on Sunday. I am fit. I am in Europe and life is short, so I am racing. I am sure at some point during the race I may think my decision was stupid - but you never know unless you try and sometimes finding out what we are made of means being willing to fail. I am taking that chance. And I also believe I have the potential to have a great race tomorrow.

Zurich is a beautiful town.

On the bike course.

View from the Beast - the biggest climb on the course. 
We get to do it twice Sunday.

Swiss cow near the top of the climb.

I was told this is the largest clock face in Europe.

Farm stand.

I have absolutely loved riding here.

More sheep!!

Race day is predicted to be 93°F - good Kona prep. A huge thank you to those friends I consulted regarding racing another Ironman so quickly. Additionally, my Mom found a place for me to stay with friends in Zurich and somehow everything fell into place. I am grateful and look forward to racing my heart out tomorrow!