Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Montana State TT Championship

Montana sets the stage for a beautiful place to ride bikes at an uncomfortable effort.

The course had some awesome wind on race day, which made for a few brutal sections and one very short tail-wind-I'm-FLYING section.

The beginning has a steady steep climb which I'm sure I went out too hard on, but really, isn't all of a 40k TT supposed to be hard?!

I spent the entire race chasing my friend Erin who had started 2 minutes ahead of me, and trying not to be distracted by the awesome scenery.

By about 35k I thought I might be able to close the gap down, and then the race I'd done 6 days prior, or maybe the flight across the country set in. Actually, it was probably more my inability to stay in the pain cave. I ended up less than 10 seconds back in 2nd. A lot of fun, incredibly painful, and a great workout all in just over an hour.

Post-ride run and then a swim/ice bath in this lake.

A great day to have two legs that work and a bicycle that is fun to go fast on.


hector al said...

awesome pics, Congratulations on the 2 place.


The vastness and lack of anyone in any of the pictures begs this question.... 2nd out of 2?

Kiet said...

Wow, looks like Montana is going to be bike destination for my new Ritchey BreakAway!