Thursday, June 6, 2013

Connecticut -> NY -> Montana

I'm overly skilled at cramming WAY too much into any given day, trip, etc. I spent the day after racing with my friends at Cannondale.

The bikes for 2014 are amazing (sorry no pics yet). I love the attention to detail as well as the women's-specific and triathlon focus this company has.

I dragged all my triathlon gear from Connecticut over to NYC to catch up with some friends for one day before flying across the country to Montana.

Wandering around NYC by day.

A crazy ceiling and some dancing by night.

I had one night in the city and we made it memorable. The 4:45am wake up to catch a bus and plane wasn't exactly enjoyable, but the fun with friends was worth it.

I arrived in Missoula, MT where I will spend the next several weeks training, and immediately got to run on amazing trails.

Ride view.

Mountain goat crossing.

Beautiful riding.

Backyard Bambi - about 15 days old.

30 days until IM Frankfurt.