Thursday, February 14, 2013


Valentines is one of those holidays that has three responses to it:
  1. If you are in a relationship or headed that direction it's a great excuse to have a romantic date. You LOVE the holiday.
  2. If you are indifferent you might forget about the day completely.
  3. If you wish you were in a relationship, it's a horrible holiday - complete with rolling your eyes at all the blah, blah lovey stuff splattered all over facebook, or the fact that nobody is buying you flowers or chocolate (seriously - they are over-rated, go buy some for yourself!!)
As for myself, I forgot it was Valentines today until a friend texted to wish Happy Valentines and then made me wonder if the run I had planned tonight with the yogger might need to be postponed so he could go out with his girl. (Which led to me selfishly think the holiday was stupid if it was going to ruin my ninja run plans!)

I was standing in line for coffee this morning watching the people around me trying to figure out which of my three Valentines categories they fell into. The love birds in the corner, hands down category 1. The lady with a terrible-2-year-old, category 2. The lady dressed in a red shirt with hearts strewn across it, I couldn't figure her out, but I'm guessing it was 1. And so I spent nearly ten minutes waiting in line.

Scott Albrecht rocks.
And then, as I was ordering my coffee the elderly gentleman behind me handed the cashier money and said "I'd love to buy your coffee today, Happy Valentines Day!" And just like *that*, I was reminded how beautiful life is.

Hope your Valentine's Day is great.