Monday, February 18, 2013

2 Minutes

I had a ride recently that took all my focus and effort to just hang on. A rear cassette was all I saw for 97% of the ride.

And my hazy thought process involved this:
  • What am I DOING?!!
  • Do NOT let go, it will be 20x worse if you fly off the back and face the headwind alone.
  • Good God my legs hurt! Don't think about your legs. Don't think about your legs.
  • I'm still on this wheel!!!
  • WHY didn't I take up surfing or some non-pain-inducing sport??
  • WOW this is fun!
  • WOW this is horrible!
  • I wish I was on my couch.
  • There is no place I'd rather be right now.
  • I'm going to fall off, I can't hold this pace.
  • Two minutes, you can do anything for two minutes.
And every time I hit two minutes I somehow figured I could do two more. Endurance sports are awesome. You can always do more than you think possible.


Thomas Gerlach said...

True story. Love the post. Going to think about it next time I am in the box.


Lisa said...

Love the "2 can do anything for 2 minutes". I may need to borrow that for a few "2 minute" intervals!

Matt said...

oh yeah, good times.

Wendy said...

In the 1999 Women's World Cup, sports psychologist Colleen Hacker had Kate Markgraf wear a hair band or rubber band on her wrist.

Every 2 minutes she was to snap it, as the 90-minute game was overwhelming for Markgraf.

Instead of focusing on the big game, Markgraf focused on 2 minutes 45 times (plus the extra time).

So, yes, 2 minutes is an excellent way of approaching something deemed "big" or other by ourselves.