Monday, February 25, 2013

Early Season Ironman Training

I would say my build for Ironman Melbourne hasn't been insane. It is early as far as my season is concerned and although I have done solid training weeks, I want my fastest Ironmans to take place later this season.

However, I have tried to make what training I have done really count as far as quality and making it fun. Thankfully I have had some good friends to train with. Sunday was an adventure where Ryan, Slater and I started riding in Seal Beach and rode out to the mountains around Mt. Baldy and back. It was windy and ended up being a great day. I'll let the photos speak for themselves...

The mountain we were focused on reaching all day.

Headed up!

Reservoir mid-way.
You can see the wind whipping dust off the hills in the distance.

A rare section where we had a tailwind pushing us uphill. AWESOME!

I've had many moments out riding where I am reminded how lucky we sometimes are to be where we are at that moment - no faster or slower. 30 seconds before Slater and Ryan came around this corner a motorcycle lost control of his bike and took out a mountain biker. It was ugly (they should both be ok). We called for help, did our best to keep the injured calm and from moving until the medics arrived. I picked up about six pieces of a carbon fiber frame off the road - what used to be a bike. Unless I am someday forced to quit, I will never stop racing or riding my bike because it can be dangerous or scary. I love sport too much. But there are moments when I am reminded that our health and friendships are so important and sometimes fragile. I was grateful that none of us were involved, and happy that the mountain biker should be able to ride again someday soon. At one point he was laying on the ground and asked "How is my bike?!" while I had one piece about 8" long in my hand. We told him he didn't want to know, but that he was definitely going to be getting a new one, to which he seemed way more upset about than the massive gash in his calf.

Good friends.

We had a headwind the entire way home, but somehow having friends to ride through it made it not so bad. After spending over six hours on our bikes we ran for 30 minutes. And what was great was that nobody complained - in fact I think we all rather enjoyed it.

Be safe. Have fun.