Monday, February 11, 2013

Snowy Palomar

Despite being told we would never be able to ride to the top, we would freeze, and it was a bad idea....Chuck, Jose and I set off to climb a snow covered Palomar mountain Saturday.

Chasing Jose.

The sun made a temporary appearance.

The higher we climbed, the whiter everything became.

And more beautiful.

The "chains required" signs don't often make an appearance.

The top. Descending was a bit sketchy...


Jose dreading the descent. (We stopped 4x to un-numb our fingers and try to stop shaking so we wouldn't crash).

Hands down one of the most fun and beautiful days I have spent on this mountain.


Trishie said...

Lovely photos !

jameson said...

absolutely awesome! you gotta charge conditions like in socal when you get the chance!!

Kiet said...

Wow, your gutsiness and work ethic never cease to amaze me. But I'm glad that I didn't receive this invite for a ride.

solarpowered said...

I love that despite being told you couldn't, you did it anyway.

And holy moly I can't believe you took a picture while on the descent. TWO HANDS ON THE BARS, PLEASE! :)

Jason said...

That is awesome. How did you dress for the event? Was it warm at the bottom and just got colder and colder as you climbed?