Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lille, France

Lille, France is a decent sized city with a lot of old architecture.

Awesome cobblestones.

The weather was rainy (shocking, no?!) and windy, so it surprised us that the ferris wheel was running and that people were actually riding it.

Does every town in France have a statue like this?

Marche de Noel = Christmas Markets.

Complete with colored trees above the entrance.

The gingerbread man made me laugh - a stark contrast against the really old buildings in the background.

Mini thin waffles with vanilla creme between them!



Snakebite said...

I'm sorry to read you're having no fun while in Europe. ;-)

Caroline said...

Ohhh the Christmas Market, I wish we had more of those in the US! Looks like you are having a fantastic trip!!! Hehe and I liked your tweet today about 9 days w/o swimming :)

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