Tuesday, January 1, 2013

All Things British

I went on a ride yesterday that was just shy of 3 hours. NOTHING about this ride was normal in terms of my California riding world I live in. It poured. For nearly the entire ride. I was wet to the bone. Not always cold, but definitely soaked like a dead rat by the time I finished.

Just a small house on our route (pronounced root if you want to be British).

Castle-church combo! Not really - it's just a church, but I think it could be either.

Our ride took us past farms with sheep, rolling hills, fun climbs, busy roads, and small lanes. I followed my trusty guide, reminding myself that when I get back to California I will appreciate our sunny weather even more. At one point we stopped and Shaun asked if I wanted to head back or take the longer 3-hour route. I answered "whichever is more scenic."  Be careful what you wish for. Ten minutes later it was raining sideways in BUCKETS. I never asked which route Shaun had chosen, I just pedaled. The more time that passed before we arrived back home I realized he had chosen the longer route. But then we popped (British!) over a small hill and I can't even describe the beauty. I of course did not capture a picture because my fingers were numb and my gloves were so waterlogged I couldn't remove them anyway. But the scene is one I can guarantee will stay with me until the day I die. These are moments I live for - you can not plan them, they just happen.

This one actually is a castle.

After getting warm (& dry!) I was introduced to those small little waffles with toffee in between. I learned you set it atop (British!) your tea cup until it gets a bit soft. Then enjoy. Happy New Year!