Friday, January 4, 2013

Cycling Wales

Last year when I raced in Ireland and Henley it was the first time I realized: What could be better than riding my bike?! OH YES - riding my bike in beautiful and new places - exploring by bike in a foreign country!! It's kind of the same as how I absolutely love running and I love music. There are moments when running with my ipod that I come upon some beautiful scenery with the perfect song in my ears - nothing can describe it except that it's wonderful.

 I felt right at home on my borrowed Cannondale.

Small lanes. Sheep. A lady walking her dog. Puddles. Wind. WHOA don't get knocked off the bike by the wind. Rain. A man sitting at a bus stop smiles as I fly by with a goofy grin on my face.

We flew past a castle. I forgot to take a photo - but it didn't matter. Multiple times I felt I was riding through small Harry Potter villages (seriously?! - they actually HAVE places that look like Hogsmeade - all over the place!)

Ride on the left. Ride on the left. Ride on the left. When turning a corner this becomes 4x more confusing - which lane do I turn into?!! And Ohhhhhh this scenery is just crazy awesome.

There were a few small pond crossings.

A lot of sheep.

I'm not sure why I'm so fascinated by the sheep, but they are everywhere. A few times I had to make sure I didn't run into one crossing the road.

Kona wind has nothing on Wales. I think pedaling all out right here I was moving 4mph. Maybe.

But with views like this, really who cares how windy and rainy it is?!

What do you know, it's raining again.

I have been fortunate to have traveled quite a bit in my life. And I have found that most of the memories over the years that do not fade involve the vivid colors of the scenery I experienced while either running or cycling.


Steve said...

Everyone is different, but with you I definitely think color is what you see.

Compared to you I think sometimes I am color blind, but some days like today MI has clear skies, and some white clouds. It is January, and we have more green grass than white snow.

No flowers yet though. ;) Guess we'll have to wait til February. :)


I am having a tough time keeping up with which side of the pond you are on....
England, mainland, England, mainland..
I'm confused
Weather looks like Austin right now, though...

Shawn and Tracy said...

Although cold, windy, & wet it looks beautiful! Enjoy :-)

Caroline said...

Those photos of your ride along the ocean are gorgeous! I'm with you, cycling in new and beautiful places is one of the best things ever. When I did Wildflower, I felt like I was in a John Steinbeck novel. Who knew California was so beautiful? And even with the rain in Ireland last year, I thought it was so pretty.

JC said...

Looks so beautiful! Happy 2013 Ms.!