Friday, January 4, 2013

Cycling Wales

Last year when I raced in Ireland and Henley it was the first time I realized: What could be better than riding my bike?! OH YES - riding my bike in beautiful and new places - exploring by bike in a foreign country!! It's kind of the same as how I absolutely love running and I love music. There are moments when running with my ipod that I come upon some beautiful scenery with the perfect song in my ears - nothing can describe it except that it's wonderful.

 I felt right at home on my borrowed Cannondale.

Small lanes. Sheep. A lady walking her dog. Puddles. Wind. WHOA don't get knocked off the bike by the wind. Rain. A man sitting at a bus stop smiles as I fly by with a goofy grin on my face.

We flew past a castle. I forgot to take a photo - but it didn't matter. Multiple times I felt I was riding through small Harry Potter villages (seriously?! - they actually HAVE places that look like Hogsmeade - all over the place!)

Ride on the left. Ride on the left. Ride on the left. When turning a corner this becomes 4x more confusing - which lane do I turn into?!! And Ohhhhhh this scenery is just crazy awesome.

There were a few small pond crossings.

A lot of sheep.

I'm not sure why I'm so fascinated by the sheep, but they are everywhere. A few times I had to make sure I didn't run into one crossing the road.

Kona wind has nothing on Wales. I think pedaling all out right here I was moving 4mph. Maybe.

But with views like this, really who cares how windy and rainy it is?!

What do you know, it's raining again.

I have been fortunate to have traveled quite a bit in my life. And I have found that most of the memories over the years that do not fade involve the vivid colors of the scenery I experienced while either running or cycling.