Monday, October 15, 2012


Fall is quite possibly one of my favorite times of year - these are my favorite things it brings:
  • Crisp cold mornings that seem to magically speed up my running!
  • Pumpkin anything
  • The excitement of trying to end the season on an up note with one final big race.
  • Watching a tree each day on my commute slowly change from full green - to full color - to just twiggy limbs remaining.
  • Pulling out sweaters from the depths of my closet.
Midwest Color.


Steve said...

I take it you are visiting your parents or something. MI or Chicago, or something.

I wish I was in the kind of shape that made me feel fast when I run.

It will be a good Fall/Winter for me. I hope to get fast for me. :)

The Suffer Seeker said...

I know this is your blog and not mine and we all have our own styles, but C, I feel like every post of yours is the same. Sunshine and roses, pictures of stuff you saw riding your bike, and affirmations about how great your life is.

I admire the positive outlook, but I don't learn a single thing about you from the words I read here or the pictures I look at. And I can pretty much predict the content by the title of each post.

I know you are more than what you present here. I guess I wish sometimes that you'd show that.

Caroline said...

Love fall bike rides and sweater weather! Fall also means baking (and consuming!) apple pie!


Well dang!!
If I looked like Suffer Seeker (just like a dog, don't you think?) I would write nay sayer responses too...
Keep up the bright outlook on life!