Thursday, October 18, 2012


One of the things I really enjoy about racing is that I end up in a lot of places I wouldn't otherwise choose to travel to on vacation (Trinidad, Augusta, etc.) Although races are not always located in what might be considered a top tourist destination, I enjoy viewing how different parts of the country live - the scenery, weather, etc.

I liken it to running at night and passing a house where you can see a family inside gathered around a dinner table - a small snapshot into what is going on somewhere else. (And no - we aren't talking peeping Tom or stalking here...)

I have never been to Waterville, Maine, but I loved this illustration - it was created for the Everywhere project, a collaborative design project that pays tribute to the classic folk song “I’ve Been Everywhere” by Adrian Walsh.


Steve said...

Every night when I go to bed I shut all the drapes. I always worry about Shuh*ree*suh being a peeping tom running down my streets at 8:00 pm. :P

kT said...

Waterville, Maine is REALLY far north. I drove there once--OK, twice--and started thinking my car might drive off the end of the earth over the next rise. It is pretty, though.

Nitsirk said...

As a Mainer I highly recommend the races here. Rev 3 has a nice 70.3 in Old Orchard that I hear was awesome. If you are looking for a shorter race, the Lobsterman Olympic tri in Freeport is pretty spectacular too. Both would allow a side trip to Waterville while you are in town :)

Bob Almighty said...

Traveling is a pretty cool part of the sport. Most of my racing is confined to New England so when I do get to go South, out West, or in rarer cases out of the country it is a bit of an adventure.

Ditto on Rev3 Old Orchard, I heard it's pretty fast, and likewise York Beach and York Harbor in Southern ME are very scenic and great for running.

Trishie said...

that looks so HAPPY :) love it !