Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Zoot Giveaway Contest

Zoot has given me some fun schwag to share with you! 

 Women's medium cycling jersey & size 3 compression socks.

Men - feel free to participate - you will just end up with a gift for the women in your life. Or if you aren't afraid to wear women's apparel, knock yourself out.

Here is the contest - I am racing Augusta 70.3 on Sunday. Guess my finishing time down to the second - closest person wins. I'll give you a few pointers that may or may not prove helpful in your guess:
  • Swim is point-to-point down stream.
  • It's typically hot and humid.
  • The course is fairly flat (or so I'm told).
Good luck - and for any of you racing Augusta - I will see you on the course!