Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bike Fit

I have had a few bike fittings in my life. But never have I had one so thorough and good as FinalFit in Long Beach, CA.

Jim started out by analyzing my leg length, any issues I currently have (hot spots on my feet), etc. He wanted to make sure that we addressed anything structurally that exists in my legs before we even got on the bike.

Next it was onto the Cannondale (notice I'm hooked up with little sensors that can be recorded - these help determine angles, etc.) to record my existing data. I recently got a new pair of Profile bars and we wanted to make sure these were fit as well.

 My seat comes off and goes onto the fit bike.

The fit bike was my favorite part. A lot of bike fittings require you to get on the bike, pedal, then get off while adjustments are made and get back on and try to remember what feels better. The fit bike is so easy - similar to going to the eye doctor you pedal and adjustments are made while you pedal. The only thing you have to decide is "Does this feel better or worse?" Jim doesn't try to sell you anything and he is really only trying to find your most comfortable (and highest watt output) position. We adjusted seat height, moved the stem length forward and back, lowered the bars, moved my entire position forward of the bottom bracket, etc.

Another great part of the fit is that Jim can see my watts, but I can't. This keeps me from seeing some numbers that are higher and convincing myself that the fit is better. In the end, what is most comfortable lines up with the highest watts, but it is easier to determine what things "feel" like if I do not see the watts while pedaling. We even played around with crank length - something that would be very hard to do if not on a fit bike.

Transferring the final fit numbers back to the Cannondale and my new setup.

The entire fit took 3 hours - quite possibly three of the best hours I have spent on a bike this season. If you live in Southern CA and are looking for a good bike fit I would highly recommend making an appointment. I am looking forward to racing Augusta next week and seeing how my legs like the new setup for racing!