Monday, October 1, 2012


Augusta is a beautiful location for a race. Congrats to Maggs on winning the Zoot contest - she came within 16 seconds of my finish time (4:23:57).

Golf course I rode past - notice the old train tracks up against the trees.

Savannah River

Running path near my home stay.

Thankfully I never saw a live one!

Race report to come - I spent the day on 3 airplanes and definitely need some sleep first. Thanks to all who participated in the Zoot contest - I'll try to do a few more before the season wraps up in November.



That's not Augusta National... been there (5x) done that... :)
What!! 3 plane? What happened to the M.W. corporate jet??

Snakebite said...

Regarding your picture with the caption "Thankfully I never saw a live one!" Does this infer you saw dead one(s)???

Trishie said...

Beautiful photos !

campaigns said...
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