Monday, August 13, 2012

Rev3 Wisconson Dells Race Report

Rev3 Wisconsin Dells was my second Rev3 triathlon experience and I must say, I continue to be impressed. This was a first-year race and it ran smoothly.

Swim start took place at a water ski show venue. 

Swim: 30:41 
Zoot speedsuit, Sable Goggles, PowerBar Double Latte Gel pre-swim

In-water, non-wetsuit swim for the pros. I managed to stay with the first pack for all of about 10 seconds. Then I swam solo around the entire lake as fast as I could. No danger of getting kicked in the face when this happens!

 T1: Run up a long (long) ramp, get to transition and see only a few bikes (DOH!!) Leave quickly.

Bike: 2:43, Cannondale Slice, Profile Design areo bars, wheels and hydration, Rudy Project helmet & glasses, Tribe Multisport, Powerbar Gels

Bike scenery.
The bike route was beautiful, hilly and had a bit of everything - flats, a lot of climbing and even a few I-must-stand-to-climb hills. I felt horrible. I spent just about the entire ride solo, trying to push the pace, trying to ignore anything that hurt, and make it end. Normally I enjoy the bike, but some days try as hard as I might, it seems I am going backwards.

Start of first significant climb.
T2: Back into transition, same position I left in (7th). Run in, drop bike, run out - time to see if the  legs want to show up and play.

More beautiful Wisconsin scenery.
Run: 1:24, Zoot TTs, PowerBar gels, Headsweats visor

I started the run in 7th. $ went 6 deep. I had no idea how close the next girl was, but I was really hoping I could find out prior to reaching the finish line. About two miles into the run I realized it was going to be quite a hilly course, which made me happy. I tend to run better the harder the course. 

In the END: 4:42, 5th

Always enjoy standing on stage with other speedy girls.

Post-race recovery: Zoot compression socks, Extreme Endurance, time off from Microscope World.

Compression + comfy shoes = happy athlete!
Water slides also make for great recovery!
THANK YOU to my sponsors, family, friends, ninja runners, etc. for keeping me motivated, laughing with me and helping me chase dreams.

I will spend the remainder of this week training on the Ironman Wisconsin course, looking forward to some open water swimming, hilly riding and enjoying Madison.


Matt said...

great race and congrats on the podium. Looks like a cool course and water slides after, too fun!


Pay days are always nice!
My swim was 53 minutes at IMNYC... maybe I could give you some lessons :)
(lesson is get a good current behind you)

solarpowered said...

Great fight to the end! Congrats on another awesome race. Hope the waterpark was tons of fun!

ADC said...

You rocked that run. AGAIN!!!!!

Beth said...

Oh that is not fun when you don't feel good on the bike. Way to perservere though!! Congrats again. Have fun training in Madison!

Alison said...

Congrats on the podium - and how cool was that poster of you at your bike rack!

GoBigGreen said...

you know there is the MOWS on saturday, you likely know that. You are going to be ready for Sept 9, the " I felt like crap" stuff is just where you need to be ( well, sorry that sounds bad) to rock the MOO!!! See you soon!

Kiet said...

Love the honest race report, they all can't be A races, but being able to run girls down for the money is nice! Onto the next one my friend.