Monday, August 20, 2012

Ironman Wisconsin Training

After Rev3, I was fortunate enough to have a homestay willing to keep me for a few extra days while I trained on the Ironman Wisconsin course.

Jackie joined Ian and I for multiple loops of the course.

On a beautiful summer day, this course is awesome. The day we flew home, it poured rain - I was happy we were not out riding that day.

The bike course is anything but flat - it is up, down, up, around a corner and down. I love it - lots of variety.

Other than one minor climb, I would classify everything else as cornfields and rollers. Lots and lots of rollers.

Looking forward to racing here in a few weeks!


Kiet said...

Second pic = LIKE


Lots of momentum type hills? Where you can crank through the gears on the uphill without a whole lot of effort? I think I am putting it on the 2013 dance card with CDA and do Louisville another year...

Libby said...

oh love this pics- miss riding at home. so idyllic in summer so crappy the other 9 months of the year! glad you had a great time, good luck at IMWI!

Jason said...

Again, how do you people take pics while riding your bike and stay upright with the rubber side down?

You need to run a training camp for those of us that can't and teach us your ways.

That looks like a great course and really nice roads.

JC said...

Your pics are always so great. That homestay sounds awesome too! Beautiful course:)

GoBigGreen said...

You are funny, bc in Wisconsin those are 3 successive big hills:) But compared to Palomar....yup, minor climb!
So excited and let me know when you want me to do the NO rain dance! I agree, i will take hot over rain!