Thursday, August 23, 2012


There is not one magic workout or key to getting faster or stronger at Ironman. Mostly you will improve by putting in the time. A LOT of time. Quality workouts help and consistency is probably more important.

There are a few workouts that will go through my memory on race day. Last week included:
  • A pouring rain / thunderstorm run. A LOT of rain. It was very fun.
  • A long run where I was supposed to run a faster pace from miles 8-23. It was hot and humid and by mile 18 ninja Jeff and I switched to survival mode. Best decision all day. I'll try not to do this on race day. Wringing out A LOT of sweat from my shirt and flopping into a chair in the back yard post-workout with icy cold drinks was great.
  • Climbing out of what feels like death valley surrounded by crispy dead weeds, dry cracked dirt and an unforgivingly steep grade, dripping sweat all over my shiny Cannondale staring at a bike computer that reads 110°.
I have days where I can lead my lane at masters all day, and others where I can barely make base interval. I'm used to this - it is how my swimming usually goes. I keep trying to swim A LOT. And on those days where it doesn't work I have learned not to beat myself up. Because outside of the pool (and in it for that matter) nobody really cares if I can swim 1:25s all day.

If you are getting ready for your first or tenth Ironman - enjoy those moments when you realize this is all a bit crazy, the days you fall into bed asleep almost instantly, and the feeling that you can do more than you thought possible. Take a moment to thank those that support you - they put up with A LOT of crazy-athlete-ness. See you out on the race course!