Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Good Things

Life gets busy - training, work, house chores....don't forget there are still so very many good things!

  • Crushed ice in fizzy drinks after a very long, hot run.
  • Bike lanes - big FAT bike lanes.
  • Finding a small box filled with childhood treasures.
  • The very first hint of fall color in a large full-leafed tree.
  • New running shoes that fit right, straight out of the box.
  • Sitting enjoying the view from your bicycle on top of a giant hill that you got up with only your legs, lungs and heart.
Awesome bike illustration courtesy Bandido Design Co.
Feel free to add to my list...



An upcoming great finish at Ironman Wisconsin.....I feel the mojo..... for you that is..

Jason said...

Getting home after being away from your wife for over 5 days and traveling for 12 hours.

The feel of your bed when you get home from all that travel.

The feel of the shower water on your body and head after all that travel (also after a long training ride.)

The PB&J on a hot summer day. That tomato soup on a crisp fall morning.

Opening the windows for that fall breeze on the first day of college football and the feel of the cool air (this doesn't happen that much anymore b/c we are usually riding at that time of the morning....haha!)

Snakebite said...


Caroline said...

FroYo covered in chocolate candies after a long training day. Burritos with lots of guacamole.