Thursday, May 10, 2012

Zoot Winners & St. George Update

For those of you who participated in the Zoot compression contest, we have a winner! Kevin had spotted me 15 minutes, and Ian 30.

Kevin placed 4th in his age group. I have been told he will no longer be spotting me any time. Ever. I ended up beating Kevin by 1 minute. Ian had me by 16 minutes.

Hong was the closest by betting 9 for Kevin and 21 for Ian. Hong was busy running the Pittsburgh marathon last weekend. Email me to get your socks Hong!

 My view post-race while lounging on the grass. 
I love Wildflower.

The deer I saw on the way to do a pre-race swim.

And finally, an update on my Dad, who raced Ironman St. George...

As most of you probably read, conditions were slightly crazy. He survived the 4 ft. lake swell and came out of the water in 1:58 - his slowest swim to date (but still in 12th place in his AG!) He set off to tackle the hills/wind of the bike and made it two loops before much of the lake water he swallowed during the swim wasn't happy in his stomach and would not allow any more calories in. He called it a day and opted for a nice Thai dinner with my aunt instead of passing out somewhere on the course. I would say he's a smart guy and will live to fight another day.


Kiki said...

congrats again on your great race. Congrats to your dad as well for making out of that swim. We'll never forget that swim and those of us who were out there will forever be bound together from that experience.

Caroline said...

Glad your dad made it through St. George OK - heard it was super rough out there!

Alison said...

Congrats on your race. SG was absolutely crazy and I'm glad I was only spectating!

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